The Cafe

Aziza is a fresh addition to the College and Ossington strip. Come in and try one of our fabulous breakfasts with home made bread, home fries, a fresh spinach and fruit salad topped with our signature dairy free, mixed berry or sweet cilantro dressing. We offer an All Day Breakfast;Soups, Sandwiches,and Salads; Our New Grab n Go menu for those on the run. Our chicken, avocado and brie sandwich is a popular choice! Food for the body is not enough, at Aziza we feed the soul. Come to Aziza where only wholesome meals are served! We support local Artists, the passion they put on canvas, we put on your plate!

This cafe is unpretentious to a fault, This little gem consistently delivers fresh, original and delicious meals.. Fresh baked bread, Fresh Fruit on the plate or in squeezed juices. Everything on the plate was top quality and exactly as it should be, The homemade hot sauce (everything is homemade!) is delicious - tasty rather than overpoweringly 'hot'. The service is attentive, friendly and knowledgeable. So far, it's a very well kept secret. I highly recommend Aziza. Totally worth it!

The Owner

The owner has over 20 years in the industry and owned Kubata from 2002 until 2004. With an African/ Portuguese background, her adventurous side kicked in and she sold Kubata to go out to the Sunshine Coast in BC to run Lina’s Lounge and Catering. After 8 exhausting years she decided to return to Toronto and in June of 2012, she re-bought Kubata and changed the name to Aziza Cafe. She named it after a fairy tale her mother use to tell her in Mozambique. In many African countries the Aziza are a Beneficent fairy race, living in the forest. Should you meet an Aziza they will give you good luck in your endeavours throughout the Day.